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Loleia's Bits
09 October 2008 @ 11:01 pm
Wow, long time no update uh?
I guess I haven't been in a big icon-making mood. Also, I went away for the summer holidays and I've been drawing a lot so my little icon journal ended up at the back of the queue :(
I will try to update more regularly in the future, I promise, but it probably won't be as often as before.

Never fear though, because I have a little update today :) I have Twilight icons from some of the new stills that have been popping all over the internet, and Half-Blood Prince icons from all the calendar scans and old pictures.

I also have a new Twilight wallpaper, which I'm very proud of because it involved a lot of manipulating to get the background right. It's based on a fantastic picture of Edward and Bella that I think really represents the characters perfectly. I think it's worth saying that I did it while listening to

Cut by Plumb. Amazing song.

[ 17 ] Twilight
[ 24 ] Harry Potter HBP
[ 01 ] Twilight Wallpaper


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Loleia's Bits
20 May 2008 @ 09:38 pm
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today I bring something OTHER THAN Harry Potter and Twilight! Or I should have said something MORE because I also have Harry Potter and Twilight ^_^
The Harry Potter ones are made from all the awesome new high res pictures that have been posted at Occlumencia (promos and stills and the Twilight ones come (big surprise) from the latest LA Times set photos. I know they are all over the place, but you wouldn't expect me to just pass on them, right? I even made a wallpaper that I think you're going to like ;)

Next I bring Lost icons, which I haven't done in a looong time. These are from episode 406 "The Other Woman". And finally, I made a nice batch of BBC Pride and Prejudice icons. I love this mini series with a passion and I have a giant crush on Colin Firth as Mr Darcy.

I hope you enjoy everything and I want to apologize before hand to anyone with a slow internet conexion, because I ended up posting more icons than I probably should have ;)

[ 23 ] Twilight
[ 37 ] Harry Potter OotP
[ 20 ] Lost 406 "The Other Woman"
[ 36 ] Pride and Prejudice (BBC)
[ 01 ] Twilight Wallpaper


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Loleia's Bits
07 May 2008 @ 02:35 am
Twilight icons after the trailer?
Well that was predictable ;)
I hope you're not tired of seeing Twilight trailer icons; I know I'm not. So here is my contribution! You can totally tell which parts were my favourites just by the number of icons I've made out of each he he he he! Oh and I also made a wallpaper! Very simple affair this time, I just wanted to make something with the car crash scene. So here they are, enjoy!
PS: I like the Poster, but I don't really feel like making fanart with it...

[ 56 ] Twilight Icons
[ 01 ] Twilight Wallpaper


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Loleia's Bits
04 May 2008 @ 03:37 am
No Harry Potter today ladies and gentlemen! Just Twilight goodness ;)I usually wait a bit more to post icons, but this time I have a series of wallpapers and icons I made out of the new Twilight Promo and I'd rather post them on their own than with a huge batch of Harry Potter icons on top.

I did a bit of manipulating and came up with these; they started as a "character poster" for Alice, who I think looks incredibly cute in the picture. Her dress, her expression... everything about her is perfect! And after I was done with Alice I thought maybe I could try with the others and well, all that's below is the result. There are also some regular Twilight icons by the way, just cause I didn't want to make the whole thing about the promo picture :P

The wallpapers are all 1024x768 except for the Alice one, which I made for myself in my resolution (1680 x 1050). If you want different resolutions, let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

[ 27 ] Twilight Icons
[ 08 ] Twilight Wallpapers


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Loleia's Bits
29 April 2008 @ 02:37 am
More Twilight and Harry Potter icons today!
Boy, it's taken me like an hour to upload all these because Photobucket is being a bitch and if I try to upload more than one picture at a time it freezes and I have to close my browser window (on explorer AND firefox!).
Anyway, I made some Order of the Phoenix and Philosopher's Stone icons, and then a nice batch of Goblet of Fire ones that I quite like. I played a lot with colors this time and they are darker and more subdued than my usual ones but I like them all the same.
And then of course we have the Twilight ones! I made icons of a lot of the stuff we've been getting lately; videos, set pictures, fan pictures etc.
No wallpapers this time though, maybe after the trailer comes out ;) Enjoy!

[ 07 ] Philosopher's Stone
[ 05 ] Order of the Phoenix
[ 23 ] Goblet of Fire
[ 39 ] Twilight


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