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loleiasbits's Journal

Loleia's Bits
5 October 1981
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loleia's bits.

So this is my icon journal! I don't just post icons though, I post fanart, wallpapers... Any kind of graphic actually. I also post tutorials sometimes. You are very welcome to use the icons wherever you please. The rules are simple, I only ask credit for the icons made out of my own photos or drawings. For the rest, I don't care if you credit or not (although of course credit is much, much appreciated). And of course, the always necessary rule: PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK.

As for the rules on wallpapers etc, they aren't hard either: use them, don't edit them or redistribute them .

My favourite fandoms to make icons of are Harry Potter, The Office, Lost, Heroes, Star Wars. I make icons of lots of other things as well, but those are just my favourites.

Finally, if you like my icons please feel free to friend me; you don't need to ask permission, the more the merrier Lol!

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